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 Misdiagnosis - Lipoma vs. Enlarged Lymph Nodes
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PostPosted: 9/4/11 Sunday, 2:57 am 
In May 2009 I went to a clinic in Tokyo to have them examine a lump on my neck. They did an ultrasound and told me that it was a "benign lipoma" which could be "removed by a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist for vanity purposes." I did not want to have such surgery in Japan and since it was "harmless" I was not too concerned (or too vain).

In May 2011, a routine blood test revealed an extremely high white blood cell count. The "lipoma" was NOT a lipoma. It was a swollen Lymph node, and I was subsequently diagnosed with Stage IV Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma (SLL) and am currently undergoing FCR chemotherapy.

My complaints to the upscale clinic that misdiagnosed me have been dismissed and denied. Yesterday I created a public Facebook page:
https://www.facebook.com/TokyoMidtownCl ... Me?sk=info
A more detailed version of my story is listed in the "Description" of the page. Please take a look...

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 Re: Misdiagnosis - Lipoma vs. Lymph Node
PostPosted: 9/4/11 Sunday, 12:29 pm 
Lipoma Guru
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Joined:Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:01 am
Location: Finland
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Wow, that's incredible. How come professional medical doctors can't separate the swollen lymph node from the lipoma is out of my radar!? I disgrace such people. But I'm sure you will do okay in the end.

The whole medical community has such an unconcerned attitude towards lipomas and other benign tumors. And by doing so they sometimes cause extreme pain to those who have things even worse. That's not right.

Hi I'm Matt - the creator and owner of this site. I have dozens of small nasty lipomas all over. I've tried many treatments including surgery and Lipostabil injections. See my lipoma prevention supplement recommendations and please consider donating a small amount via PayPal (click the Donate button) to keep this site up and running. Thx!

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 Re: Misdiagnosis - Lipoma vs. Enlarged Lymph Nodes
PostPosted: 10/21/11 Friday, 7:39 pm 
Thanks for your reply, Matt. That misdiagnosis cost me two years of being untreated, during which time my disease escalated from what was probably Stage I to Stage IV. I complained to the clinic and requested a reasonable amount of financial compensation and they coldly responded by denying everything and lawyering up. As far as I can tell, the misdiagnosis is an objective fact. As for "negligence" and "malpractice" as legal terms, I am not qualified to say -- but when you go to a doctor for professional help, that's what you expect -- not a misdiagnosis, followed by bad advice ("For vanity purposes, you can go to a cosmetic surgeon....")

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 Re: Misdiagnosis - Lipoma vs. Enlarged Lymph Nodes
PostPosted: 12/31/11 Saturday, 6:14 pm 
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Joined:Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:23 am
It was a blow that you have to go such an ordeal. It must have been a stressful situation and life changing experience.

To begin with, lipoma is a benign lump, which is non-cancerous. It grows from the fat cells that are present in the body. The lipoma can be left untreated if it is not causing discomfort, but if pain is noted, it will be surgically removed and will be sent for biopsy. On the other hand, enlarged lymph nodes are part of our body's immunity and these are swollen when infection is evident. Now, in your case, the enlarged lymph nodes turned out to be SLL. The lymphoma is considered indolent. This means that the disease progresses VERY SLOWLY, and patients are diagnosed lately because of its slow development.

As for negligence and malpractice,try to visit this site, to know when you can file a claim or not about the misdiagnosis: Medical Mistakes -- A Primer on the Basics of Medical Malpractice. It was a short article from Mr. Haskell, a popular lawyer in Spokane WA that has won a bunch of million dollar legal claims. That will supplement you with information about medical issues, and further widen your horizons about medical malpractice.

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 Re: Misdiagnosis - Lipoma vs. Enlarged Lymph Nodes
PostPosted: 9/14/12 Friday, 12:50 pm 

Joined:Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:52 pm
Number of lipomas: 2-10
Randy, sorry to hear about your true diagnosis. My mother had lung cancer which was caught very early on by a scan for her appendicitis. So, I'm a little familiar with how the lymph nodes play into cancerous cells.
Any rate, not sure of your age, I would guess 4o+, but your post is a shining example of why, I get a physical every year from my doctor, with complete blood work. There are so many things in the body that are undetectable to the naked eye, but a blood workup, will bring to light many non normal issues, then further evaluation and testing can be done, exactly like what was done in your case to confirm your diagnosis.
Thoughts and prayers for your battle ahead to return to a symptom free life.

Last bumped by Anonymous on Friday.

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