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Lipoma Board

In Search of Best Lipoma Treatment And Cure

What is Lipoma Board? A forum and community offering information, alternative treatments, resources and support concerning lipomas, lipomatosis and other related conditions. Surgery shouldn't be the only option! Lipomas are fatty tumors under the skin. Read more >>

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Instructions of How To Upload Files

Unfortunately uploading files in this forum software isn't very straightforward.

But here are the instructions...

In order to upload files to the board you have to go to the Full Editor. There's a button for it below each topic or if you are starting a new topic you are already in the Full Editor.


Once in the Full Editor:

  • 1) Scroll down to the section where it says Upload ...
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Anonymous posting disabled

Unfortunately, due to excessive SPAM I had to disable the anonymous posting.

From now on everyone must register and sign in to post.

Sorry about it, I hope you understand.
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what am i doing wrong

Just a general question. When im trying to send a private message to anybody, my message goes to my outbox and not in my sent messages. What am i doing wrong?

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I just wanted to thank everyone who has liked Lipomaboard.com in Facebook, it's time for a celebration, there are now 200 of us!

Oh, and if you haven't liked Lipomaboard.com in Facebook yet please click here and hit the Like button! ;)

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This way you will stay tooned if something worth noticing is happening. The biggest highlights are always posted ...
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link between heavy metal detox and lipoma?

Hi. I just joined this forum as I noticed a lump on my ribs that suddenly appeared this week and have been doing research into what it might be.

I have read through many of the posts on this forum and am wondering if any users have come across information linking heavy metal detox with lipoma formation?

Currently I am taking a prescription pill called DMSA that chelates toxic metals like mercury, lead, and cadmium ...
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Klaus can't log at this site. He said that he tried to change multiple times his password and it still doesn't work. He wanted me to tell you. Done :D
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New Fresh Layout Updated

Please comment if you wish to change something and report any bugs or inconsistencies you may confront. Thanks.
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For Matt - Mobile Website; DATE the post was posted

Dear Matt,

I Thank you for all the efforts you put in to run a website for find a treatment for lipomas, and more importantly the kind of research you do to find a treatment. Hope we find a treatment soon.

Is it possible for you to give an option to view the full site, but not the mobile version when accessing it through a smart phone.

When ever some posts, it only displays the ...
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