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In Search of Best Lipoma Treatment And Cure

What is Lipoma Board? A forum and community offering information, alternative treatments, resources and support concerning lipomas, lipomatosis and other related conditions. Surgery shouldn't be the only option! Lipomas are fatty tumors under the skin. Read more >>

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Talk about anything and everything related to lipomas and related healthcare issues here.

Lipoma Surgery

Hi everyone. My name is Dr. Rob Backstein from Toronto, Canada. I am a board certified plastic surgeon and specialize in skin surgery including lipomas. Please feel free to direct questions my way.
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is this a lipoma? please help

Hi im new here and just wondered if anyone can help me as im extremely worried. In april i found a small painless lump at the top of my armpit rather than low towards the breast. Its oval in shape and is proberbly about 1cm. The doctor told me to not to worry about it and she thinks its nothing. Hard not to worry about it really. Anyway she sent me for ultrasound & the ...
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It's Diet, Diet, Diet

Hey everyone,

I don't post here often, but I do follow the conversations from time to time. I was the dude that's fasted a few times for 7-12 days to see what might happen. No measurable success.

Anyway, after fasting most recently about a year ago, I decided that instead of focusing on elimination, I would study prevention of lipomas. So I've gone hardcore diet for over a year now and I've learned some incredible ...
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Lipoma surgery issues

Just had three removed from arm and now having some serious nerve pain in my arm along with numbness. Anyone deal with this or have any tips. I knew I would get a scar but this is more pain that the lipoma ever was.
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lipoma prognosis

I would like to ask the members here and mostly the ones that are in their 40's and 50's to share how the age affects the progression of the condition. For example my first lipoma showed up at age of 19-20 then as i grew up i have encountered more but not than many the most of them remain the same, some got bigger and increased in numbers but as i said that so far ...
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Lipoma sensitivity to some food

Hey Guys!!

I have lipomatosis, i got 50+ all over my body. Abdomen many... rib cage
biceps elbow...
my father has one, my brother too. i am the one who got the most :D

Well i ve been studying a lot about lipomas these last days...
but the other day i got a spark about dieting and bad food we may deem harmless. i had a ...
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Has anyone tried dasatinib? Theres a thread at longevity talking about its therapeutic use on senolytic cells - dasatinib works on adipose tissue (quercertin does not). Of course I'm not recommending it - but I'd be interested in the effects of it combined with fasting (taking it after 7-10 days of fasting).

Then there's cla - haven't tried it. Someone mentioned that flaxseed oil helps. Not sure of cla would work in the same mechanism. ...
Read more : senolytics | Views : 2574 | Replies : 1

My doctor said everyone has lipomas? Or is it lipomatosis?

Hi everyone. I am still relatively new to the lipoma thing. I had one removed a couple of years ago, and I've found at least one more this year, though I still have trouble determining whether or not what I find are lipomas. If I have multiple, does that mean I have lipomatosis?

Every time I see my primary care doctor about this, he tells me the same thing. He tells me that they are ...
Read more : My doctor said everyone has lipomas? Or is it lipomatosis? | Views : 2668 | Replies : 1

Genetic Data Comparisons?

I recently got my genetic raw data after doing a 23andme.com test. Does anyone think it would be helpful to compare genetic SNPs with me to see if there is bunch of common SNPs that may be contributing to the lipomas?

There are thousands of genes so I am not sure the best way to do it, but I'd be willing to compare my SNPs with others if there is a way to run an ...
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Rapamycin and Resveratrol?

Hello Everyone,

I'm not sure if this study had been discussed on here before, but in case it hasn't here is the Abstract from Pubmed. I don't have a subscription to Pubmed so I can't post the entire article but the link is below:

Resveratrol Potentiates Growth Inhibitory Effects of Rapamycin in PTEN-deficient Lipoma Cells by Suppressing p70S6 Kinase Activity.

Leipert J1,2, Kässner F1, Schuster S1, Händel N1, Körner A1,2, Kiess W1, Garten A1.
Author ...
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