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In Search of Best Lipoma Treatment And Cure

What is Lipoma Board? A forum and community offering information, alternative treatments, resources and support concerning lipomas, lipomatosis and other related conditions. Surgery shouldn't be the only option! Lipomas are fatty tumors under the skin. Read more >>

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What treatments are you having success with? Discuss diet, detoxification, alternative treatments, and anything else! This is also the place for the ongoing discussion of liposuction and other surgical techniques.

Ketogenic Diet

Hi All

I realise this topic has been discussed before quite a few years ago, I just want to ask around again if the Ketogenic Diet has been helpful for you recently. The diet is now fad / next new thing around me at work and so I did some research online and found quite a few people who had success with this diet. I posted some screenshots of suffers discussing their results on the ...
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Immune and Endocrine System

Hey guys, on my hunt through the internet trying to find a solution I came across a few articles that suggests a low immune and endocrine system could be a cause for lipomas in our bodies as it effects things like metabolism and how the immune system kills toxins in our bodies. The following article helps put this research together. Hope to hear your thoughts.

*link removed*
Read more : Immune and Endocrine System | Views : 1415 | Replies : 0

Is it possible to lose weight with FML

I've tried so many diets but nothing seems to work.
Is it not possible to lose weight with this condition?
Read more : Is it possible to lose weight with FML | Views : 1641 | Replies : 1

There is hope for the future...

I was recently watching a news interview and they were talking about gene editing. I believe that this is the only potential cure for for conditions such as FML (which I have). There is something in my DNA that is causing me to grow 100's of lipomas all over my body. I'm sure there are things we can do in our personal lives via diet and exercise that may be able to slow down the ...
Read more : There is hope for the future... | Views : 3465 | Replies : 5

Irregular margins

Hello! I has an MRI which resulted in 2 lumps in my shoulder (soft tissue not attached to bone) After hours and hours of reading I convinced myself they were lipomas. Second MRI revealed one is around 1 inch roumd and oval and the other is around 2 inches with irregular borders. I asked if it could still be a lipoma and she said the irregular borders were what worried her....usually lipomas had smooth borders. ...
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Can FML turn into Dercum?

I am new here.
I ve multiple lipomas around my body mainly in the trunk a big one at my elbow joint, two in the back. and now got one in my triceps.
i worked out couple days ago
and i hurt my triceps. ( i wonder if the lipoma has played a role in it)
my lipomas never hurt, i am just confused if FML could turn into DD ( Dercum) ?

Many thanks ...
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Is there a connection between exercise and lipomas

There has been many people including myself who have noticed that new lipomas have formed or existing ones grew larger while exercising, and this may be due to the production of free radicals within our bodies.

Some high levels points on the topic:

- Increased exercise (weekend warrior) – without regular exercise to build our bodies natural antioxidant defences and without an effective nutrient diet with high antioxidants will result free radicals

- Free radicals ...
Read more : Is there a connection between exercise and lipomas | Views : 2409 | Replies : 1

Do lipomas form in an acidic environment (Acid vs Alkaline)

Hey All,

I was recently recommend to watch a YouTube video by Dr Robert Morse who speaks briefly about what he believes is the cause and cure for lipomas.

As I have quite a few lipomas across my body I decided to elaborate on what Dr Richard Morse was saying an wrote an article which is focused on the connection between lipomas and acid based foods that we consume on a daily basis.

The article ...
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Testing and documenting my natural treatments

Hi Everyone,

I have had lipomas for almost 12 years now and have more than I can count.

I have had surgery once to remove some and will possibly have surgery again this year, however I am searching hard and long for a natural treatment to shrink the lipomas and avoid surgery.

Magnesium Oil
I am a member of some lipoma facebook pages and a guy on one of the pages had success with shrinking ...
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CAR-T cell therapy for Lipomas?

Hi there

Can we use this for Lipomas as well? How? Where?

"Terminal cancer patients in complete remission after one gene therapy treatment" at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/02/28/terminal-cancer-patients-complete-remission-one-gene-therapy/

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