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An Ongoing Search For Lipoma Treatment And Lipoma Cure

What is Lipoma Board? A forum and community offering information, alternative treatments, resources and support concerning lipomas, lipomatosis and other related conditions. Surgery shouldn't be the only option! Lipomas are fatty tumors under the skin. Read more >>

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It is currently Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:17 am

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What treatments are you having success with? Discuss diet, detoxification, alternative treatments, and anything else! This is also the place for the ongoing discussion of liposuction and other surgical techniques.

High-Pressure Injection and Suction Curettage,Lipoaspiration

Just posting this, because haven't seen it mentioned before. If somebody knows anything, please share.

I guess it's still an invasive method.

Introduction: Lipomas present as soft, mobile subcutaneous benign tumors. Liposuction is performed on medium to large lipomas, but extraction of the whole capsule through a slit incision is often difficult. This study aims to evaluate a novel approach in the treatment of lipoma.

Materials and Methods: Twelve encapsulated lipomas (range, 4–16 cm) were ...
Read more : High-Pressure Injection and Suction Curettage,Lipoaspiration | Views : 376 | Replies : 1

i think it's time to have news

Hey, i think it's time to have news from the doctor who specialize in lipomas studying. Sorry i have a blank about her name, but she was mentioned quite often on this board. I think Matt, you were supposed to conduct an interview with her. Do you think it's feasible like let's say, less than a month :D
Read more : i think it's time to have news | Views : 1712 | Replies : 31

Important Inquiry: Do you have Heartburn?

Dear friends,

to get information could heartburn have to do anything with lipoma, a study about the symptoms of having lipomas is on the way, because the questions came up that maybe there are some grounds of interest. To get a summary of people with lipoma and if they have or haven't heartburn at the time were they have lipomas

Please answer the questions:

A) I have heartburn regular yes no
B) I have from ...
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Hot Saline (Sterile Salt Solution) Injection To Lipoma

I don't remember anyone mentioning this before so posting it here.

I came across of some saline injection therapy studies against different tumors. Saline is basically salt dilluted in water but sterile of course. And by salt I mean sodium chloride or NaCl which is pretty much what we know as the table salt (note: table salt is rarely pure NaCl or sterile).

Salt has well-known antimicrobial properties. It's been used as a preservative and ...
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HMGA - regulation and inhibition of protien activity

High Mobility Group A (HMGA) is made up of 4 proteins, 1a,1b,1c and 2, the first 3 are product of the same gene, so we are essentially left with HMGA1 & HMGA2.

HMGA has been discussed quite regularly on this board, mainly in the context of gene mutation/re-arrangements. The discussion has often resolved into a bit of a tussle especially when inheritance and FML are also discussed. What I believe we can say with some ...
Read more : HMGA - regulation and inhibition of protien activity | Views : 1083 | Replies : 14

non-invasive treatment on the way

Pretty excited about this release!

http://investors.biospecifics.com/2014- ... man-Lipoma

Few more years before a good and safe non-invasive treatment? I know it won't reduce it fully, but for me 60%+ is great news
Read more : non-invasive treatment on the way | Views : 2687 | Replies : 14

Please suggest the ayurvedic medicine


In google i came across the below mentioned ayurvedic medicines for lipoma.

Kanchanar Guggulu
Triphala Guggulu
Medohar Vati
Triphala Churna

I have 15+ lipoma in my body. Please suggest will i purchase and consume it for better results.

Please suggest any other medicines too.

Read more : Please suggest the ayurvedic medicine | Views : 586 | Replies : 2

Essential Oils and Lipoma's

Greetings everyone!

My entire life I have heard and seen my dad talk about his lipoma's, upset that he has hundreds of them and not a single doctor can tell him what a cure is. I am a health and wellness practitioner and I work with people to heal and transform their health with doTERRA Essential Oils. I have clients and know individuals who have healed and shrunk their tumors with Essential Oils.

This is ...
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Even the New Year provides good news...........


for the first and last time in this year 2014 I don't be required for further ultrasound tests, because the results from today confirm that my body is totally FREE of any Lipoma-Tumors.

I wish everybody good luck!

Read more : Even the New Year provides good news........... | Views : 1661 | Replies : 29

surgery in india

Hi, did anyone got the surgery in india by the team who produced this video:

If so, how much does it cost in US money (im in Canada but it's almost the same). Im looking everywhere and it seems the only place (india) where they remove multiple lipomas. I checked for usa and canada but it seems that they only remove one lipoma at the time.

Read more : surgery in india | Views : 1199 | Replies : 16


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