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In Search of Best Lipoma Treatment And Cure

What is Lipoma Board? A forum and community offering information, alternative treatments, resources and support concerning lipomas, lipomatosis and other related conditions. Surgery shouldn't be the only option! Lipomas are fatty tumors under the skin. Read more >>

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Discuss about single or few lipomas here. Single lipomas are very common and are different from conditions like Familial Multiple Lipomatosis or Dercum's Desease. Lipomas are commonly capsulated.

adominal lipoma surgery

I went in thinking it was a hernia repair abdominal wall which is what my doc thought too. The cat San revealed a large tissue mass which they removed and it came back benign. That was over 2 1/2 weeks ago
I went back to surgeon for checkup and was told . No restrictions it was just a lipmoma. if it hurts don't do it . We'll it still hurts. I have had to do ...
Read more : adominal lipoma surgery | Views : 2407 | Replies : 2

Lipoma Tentacles?

I had a fast growing lipoma in my upper shoulder. It doubled in size in a little over one year.

They ended up removing it but did not do an ultra sound or MRI before removing it which surprised me. When the doctor opened me up it was much deeper then he thought, near my fascia. He then continued to find tentacles all around the lipoma. He ended up having a palm full of them. ...
Read more : Lipoma Tentacles? | Views : 2431 | Replies : 1

Scar Tissue Bump

I used to have a lipoma on my forhead, but I had 2 surgeries performed on this single lipoma. My doctor told me that I don't have a lipoma any more but instead what I have is a scar tissue bump. He doesn't want to perform surgery because of the risk of making things worse but he did say he could recommend a plastic surgeon. Do you guys know if there is any non surgical ...
Read more : Scar Tissue Bump | Views : 3079 | Replies : 0

large diffuse lipoma

I had a very large diffuse 10cm lipoma removed from my hip. The surgeon sent it off for FISH testing. Does that mean he thinks it's a sarcoma or is it just them being cautious? The surgeon said it was large and difficult to get out.
Read more : large diffuse lipoma | Views : 3687 | Replies : 2

My (assumed) pseudolipoma is a painful little sucker

Hi all. Great forum here, Matt! Lots of good input and active people.

I'm still playing the "Go to this Dr." game in my diagnosis process, but I think I've narrowed it down to two post traumatic pseudolipomas and boy oh boy are they causing me a world of hurt.

In July I suffered a compression injury, a shearing like tear (twisted and fell onto a handrail on my back). The pain was an immediate ...
Read more : My (assumed) pseudolipoma is a painful little sucker | Views : 3405 | Replies : 1

I'm nervous as to what this might be

Hey guys,

6 months ago I found a pea-sized lump towards the outside of my arm in the middle of my bicep area. I brushed it off thinking that it wasn't anything to worry about. 3 Months in I noticed some growth so I went to my primary physician who also brushed it off saying to come back if I notice significant growth. By this time is was probably the size of a peanut. A ...
Read more : I'm nervous as to what this might be | Views : 4479 | Replies : 3

Stubborn Single Lipoma

I am unfamiliar with this site, so I apologize in advance if this is the wrong thread to post on, but it does say "single lipoma". Anyways I have one Lipoma on my forehead (top right) and I have had surgery on this Lipoma twice. Both times my dermatologist failed to completely remove the entire Lipoma so I'm starting to doubt his Lipoma removal abilities. I am also worried that more than 2 surgeries might ...
Read more : Stubborn Single Lipoma | Views : 4198 | Replies : 4

Lipoma On Back of Neck

Hi all,

I'm new here, & discovered your site as I was researching my own Lipoma issue. I discovered my Lipoma a few months back ago. Was not sure what it was since the location was not common for any bump, mass feeling substance. I noticed I had a egg shaped mass in my hairline area in the back of my head, neck area. My doctor said at first it was a enlarged lymph node. ...
Read more : Lipoma On Back of Neck | Views : 6064 | Replies : 1

what kind of doctor should I see?

Hi, I think I have a couple of small lipomas in my pelvic region, in the crease at the top of my leg, that cause pain, and I'd like to have them removed. I don't know what kind of specialist to see. Any tips.
Read more : what kind of doctor should I see? | Views : 9360 | Replies : 5


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