Lipoma Injection Necrotherapy

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Lipoma Injection Necrotherapy

Post by matt » Fri Jan 22, 2016 10:08 am

As many of you know I'm a firm believer of injection therapies when it comes to solid and encapsulated lipomas. There are multiple different candidates for such:
Lipoma Injection Therapy (image from
If you read the above threads you will see that there are many success stories.

And now I came across this medical abstract which describes how the author injected necrotizing substances directly into the lipoma. The author recommends using substances such as Calsium chloride, ethanol 96% or formalin. The injected amount should not exceed 0.5-1 of the tumor size. The author had good results and there were no complications or recurrences during the period of four years.

Some have had success with these injection therapies but not all. It might be because no standard procedures exist among the medical doctors. The injected substancies vary in content as well as in strength. Additionally, the injected amount of the substance varies from treatment to treatment. Of course, it might also be that different persons react differently to different treatments.

A word of warning. Necrotizing tumors may have negative side effects like skin necrotizing. Ultimately, I do believe that we will find an effective injection therapy for at least the encapsulated lipomas.
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Re: Lipoma Injection Necrotherapy

Post by 251152 » Thu Jun 30, 2016 10:50 pm

Injection solution would be marvelous, given that no pills work so far and cutting them out leaves an equally (if not more) unsightly result. However, as you warned, if the thing actually works, then a minor error will result in healthy part being damaged as well which may have very bad consequences, unless we come up with some solution that only kills fat cells but doesn't affect the surrounding area
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