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DCA and other stuff you should know.

What treatments are you having success with? Discuss diet, detoxification, alternative treatments, and anything else! This is also the place for the ongoing discussion of liposuction and other surgical techniques.

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DCA and other stuff you should know.

Post by MarkX3 » Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:34 am

Anyone tried large dosage of DCA + other stuff (not willing to share on public BBS)?

If not I'll try it next week.

Most supplements will not work, anyone who says take this enzyme or that, has no clue what he/she/it is talking about.

If anyone has any info/papers on anyone dying from DD or MFL, etc please share. And do not buy these pipe dreams. Live in reality today, for tomorrow may not come.

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Re: DCA and other stuff you should know.

Post by breezy » Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:43 pm

I feel that anything we do or try is one step closer to a cure. Trial and error is the best thing for the conditions. I have seen enough doctors and have recieved enough disappointing news that now I feel surgery is the only option for now. I know there will be a cure (Gods Will), but it will be awhile. We need the Drs. to start looking into this. Thanks for posting.

Re: DCA and other stuff you should know.

Post by Markx » Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:35 pm

Before you consider surgery as an option, please consider this:

I had about 4 general surgeries over 10 years, each general lasted about 4 hours, and each time about 60+ were removed. I'v also had some "day" surgeries where one lipoma is removed under local-

Next do consider that these are NOT benign in nature. While they appear benign due to passage of time, they are quite aggresive. Should I have had more funds I would do even more research and testing. I have built AI program based on few things to reduce the number of treatment options avaliable. Short of getting funds to rent a lab, I identified 4 genes(aside from the high mobility group) and couple enzymes. I'v also modeled P38 kinase inhibitor, identified a potential chemo therapy.... I'm so getting off topic here, sorry..... here is what I found so far:

1) Unless your surgent can remove 99% of the lipoma, lipoma will release some cytokines or other/similar enzymes etc, like recently found with cancer when exposed to chemo, it releases WNT16B, hence chemo becomes ineffective and actually accelerates tumour growth under certain conditions. You can read all about it. It is MY optinion that Lipomas have a defense mechansim which is not understood. Otherwise I wouldn't have 300+ and struggling with things....

2) Dr. Watson (One of the fathers of DNA) points to ROS and late stage cancers. Hence, basically telling all the other pull and anitoxidants pushers they are actually promoting cancers with ANTI OXIDANTS in late stage cancers, he said something like this: unless we find a way to reduce antioxidants in a body, in 10 years we will be as close to curing late stage cancer as we are today...

3) If you are going to have a surgery, consider what pain medication you will be using. I advise against T3 or anything simialr. Natural pain killers work more effectivley, email me for a list if you like

4) Consider a method to reduce the shock, learning meditation is a good start

5) Consider if you really need this surgery? For me, my lipomas always came back two to three years later, some in different spots, etc, but there is just no end to this so far...

6) What I found was that after the last general surgery, some of my nerve endings were damaged, and so my left arm is a little funny to touch... Nerve damage is quite normal durring these operations.

For Scars I'v been using two creams, Vitamin E, and another one onion based. But think of all the scars.... I have so many...

I'm going to give DCA + 4 other things a try, my first session will be next Thursday....

Please consider the surgery as a last result. As a person who spent the last 10 years learning, from biology to genetics, do consider the above......
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Re: DCA and other stuff you should know.

Post by matt » Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:16 pm

Here's a guy describing what DCA is doing to his multiple lipomas:
I increased my dose from 10 mg to 35 mg every other day and my tumors have been slowly dissolving for the last 9 months! Steady reduction in size has occurred in ALL of them,-at least 50%! They burn and sting and ache and tingle, with different sections of my body being affected. Some had grown around my esophagus and were affecting my ability to burp, and into and around the vicinity of my heart giving me arrrhythymias-I was messed up! But now all heart and esophageal symptoms are gone! DCA saved me from a difficult, painful, expensive, probably disfiguring surgery and chemotherapy! THANK YOU DCA! For saving my life!!!!!
Another user reports:
My father has experienced this also .When he was on DCA for his GBM,most of Lipomas on his arms dispeared.
And here's another thread about DCA.

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