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link between heavy metal detox and lipoma?

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link between heavy metal detox and lipoma?

Post by detoxqueen303 » Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:13 am

Hi. I just joined this forum as I noticed a lump on my ribs that suddenly appeared this week and have been doing research into what it might be.

I have read through many of the posts on this forum and am wondering if any users have come across information linking heavy metal detox with lipoma formation?

Currently I am taking a prescription pill called DMSA that chelates toxic metals like mercury, lead, and cadmium out of the body and have been using this since May 2013. While I have experienced many symptoms as a result of this detox protocol, I was shocked to suddenly see a large egg-sized lump on my left rib on Tuesday and don't know if it's related. My doctor is on holidays and the young doctor I saw at the clinic yesterday didn't know what the lump was. I'm worried that I'm not detoxing properly and doing more damage, if the lipoma was formed because I'm shunting toxins around, rather than excreting them.

Thanks for all of your posts on this forum--very interesting stuff and all new to me, but reassuring in a way.

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