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Like Lipomaboard In FB And Stay Updated!

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:05 am
by matt

I just wanted to thank everyone who has liked in Facebook, it's time for a celebration, there are now 200 of us!

Oh, and if you haven't liked in Facebook yet please click here and hit the Like button! ;)
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This way you will stay tooned if something worth noticing is happening. The biggest highlights are always posted there.

And the more likes we get the more we are appreciated, taken more seriously and our voice gets heard.

There's also an alternative way of keeping up. You may sign up to News letter from the orange box at the top of the page. I do not send many emails, only when something is worth noticing.

Two different medical doctors have contacted me during the past couple of months. I'm also trying to do some collaboration with Dr. Herbst, although she seems to be very busy. I'm also glad that a forum member, Klaus, has been in contact with her about his treatment protocol.

Again, thanks for being there!