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Instructions of How To Upload Files

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:47 pm
by matt
Unfortunately uploading files in this forum software isn't very straightforward.

But here are the instructions...

In order to upload files to the board you have to go to the Full Editor. There's a button for it below each topic or if you are starting a new topic you are already in the Full Editor.
Full Editor looks like this
Full Editor looks like this
Once in the Full Editor:
  • 1) Scroll down to the section where it says Upload attachment
    Upload attachment section
    Upload attachment section
  • 2) Click Browse and search the file from your computer
  • 3) You may add optional comment for the file
  • 4) Click Add the file and the file is uploaded to the server. If you get an error that the image is too large edit and make it smaller in an image editing software and try again (I have tried to increase the limits but some limits exist because of the service provider). I will help if you have problems with this just ask.
  • 5) You can add another file or hit Preview/Submit
Now comes the optional "tricky part". If you skip this step all the files will be displayed at the end of your post.

Below the message edit area there's now an Attachments section where you can see the names of the files you just uploaded.
If you click the Place inline button you'll see that the attachment tags appear in your message. So you should see something like this somewhere in your post (most likely there where you last placed your mouse cursor):

Code: Select all

You can copy&paste the whole attachment tag to where ever you want to inside your post and the uploaded file will appear to that exact spot once you hit the Submit button.

Not too easy but once you've done it the first time I'm sure you'll get it. And if you make errors you can always preview or edit your post afterwards.

If you have any problems I'm more than happy to help - just ask in this thread!