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People who make inquiries towards me

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 2:04 pm
by matt
Hi All,

please note that I run this site on my free time. I get quite a few requests almost weekly that I should make an exception and send private help/info/money or whatever to someone. I made the decision long time ago not to do so. It's not because I'm being selfish but because if I did that to someone I would have to do it for everyone and it would just take too much of an effort. Sorry.

Additionally, if you are new here, there's a limit of three posts before you can send PM (private message) to someone else. The limit is there for a reason (mostly to reduce spam) and cannot be altered. And to be honest most of the time you do not want to send PMs but to share it with EVERYONE (that's the reason this board exists).

Thanks for your understanding.
Cheers, Matt

Re: People who make inquiries towards me

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:54 am
by Klaus
Hallo Matt, and all friends which can think about me.
It is a long time ago, when I was very active in Matt's Lipoma Board and sometimes very stressful, but I'm happy to report that none of the LT came back. And why I was quite of this years was the bad thing, that I lost one as what it called "above knee" and the other is the "lower knee".

But why I'm writing is that in the early days when I started my own forum, I received the same questions as Matt has reported. We are doing this for others and are happy when we can help.

In the meantime Matt has agreed, and my blogger side has added this forum to inform a lot of others readers. I wish all the best regards Klaus