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Dogs Capable of Sniffing Cancer

Lipomas in pets (dogs, cats or any animals). Which animals have them? At which age did they appear? Where were lipomas located at? What did you do?

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Dogs Capable of Sniffing Cancer

Post by matt » Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:54 pm

It's long known that some trained dogs are capable of sniffing a certain types of cancers in a person. Like for example lung cancer. It has been known since the 80's that tumors exude tiny amounts of alkanes and benzene derivatives not found in healthy tissue. Ok, I didn't know this until now :) These substances are thought to extract odors detectable by dogs.

Dogs are also capable of separating for example a skin cancer from the bladder cancer from the person's urine with a remarkable consistency. The amounts of odors are in the low parts-per-billion range.

Ok, so now I'm getting to my point...

It is also known that trained dogs can smell microorganisms, like mould in house. Microorganisms emit gaseous substances (microbial volatile organic compounds = MVOC). There are even trained mold dogs which can smell these odors.

It is interesting that both alkanes and benzenes are something that fungi and yeast are comfortable with and are cabaple of metabolizing.

So I started to wonder what exactly is the dog smelling in cancer patients?
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Re: Dogs Capable of Sniffing Cancer

Post by johnsonbeer0099 » Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:33 am

Its a good news for who love dog and who have dog.dog is pat animal in our home so u should take care our dog. :)
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