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Each user can write down what they already tried and what they are currently trying. This is like a glossary for others to go to, look at and make their own inferences. For example if someone is curious about certain supplement he/she can come here and see if it has been already tried and what results it brings. Information should be in a clear fashion (see rules inside).

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Forum rules
Please read before posting.

- The name of the topic should be the username of the poster.
- In the topic write your lipoma history (when did it start, how many do you have, what kind of lipomas do you have, any inheritance, etc.)
- Then write all the supplements and other treatments you've ever tried:
----- Specific name of the supplement / treatment you've tried
----- For how long did you try it
----- Which dosage (and how faithfully you've kept at it)
- What was the result of each supplement / treatment
- Which supplement / treatment are you currently trying (and how is it going)
- Optional: You may also include your observations about various foods and practices which are good or bad.

Also, please start only one topic per user.
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Post by 251152 » Sat Jul 13, 2013 4:03 pm

Hello all,

Here is my story:

I discovered my first lipoma at around 13-14 on the back of my neck. You probably all know the answer I got when I inquired about it - "don't worry, leave it be" and so I did. Around 18-19 I started to get more and more of them, I currently have around 50-60+, almond sized and smaller (1-2 bigger) and I am 25 years old.

Inheritance: My father has one on his neck. My sister had one on her breast but i'm not sure whether it was the same kind.

Supplements I've tried before:

1. I have tried Pomaway for 3 months which was a supplement manufactured by the guy named Darryl Rubrath who claimed he discovered the cure and wanted to try it on others.
Dosage - 2 capsules, 3 times a day. (100% faithfull)
Results - No change whatsoever. Neither negative nor positive effects occurred.
Source - (http://www.pomaway.com/home.php)

2. I also tried Hydrogen Peroxide for 2 months, after there was some information circling around that it provides extra air molecules in the body and can cure many diseases, lipomatosis being one of them.
Dosage - 5 drops in the 250 gram glass of distilled water per day. Then gradually going up to 20 drops per day. (100% faithfull)
Results - No change whatsoever. The stuff itself is pretty dangerous if not handled properly. It must not get on your skin or it'll burn and turn it white for some time. Also HP must be taken on empty stomach and one must not eat for 45 mins - 1 hour after taking it or it may hurt your stomach.
Source - http://www.amazon.com/35%25-Food-Grade- ... n+peroxide

3. I've tried Shilajit (50% Fulvic Acid), I've taken it for 1 months and 10 days, It supposedly has many health benefits and one user on this board (surfsteve) said fulvic acid is helping his lipomas, although if i'm not mistaken he only had 2 of them, which unfortunately is not the case with me.
Dosage - Half a teaspoon in the morning and before bed (100% faithful)
Results - I stopped taking it since in this one month my lipomas seemed to accelerate in growth (and appearance of new ones). I don't know if it's because this shilajit had Zync in it (3%) but it definitely seemed more than a coincidence.
Source - http://www.amazon.com/Sunfood-Shilajit- ... d+shilajit

4. I have done a 14 days water only fast.
Dosage - You drink only water for 14 days.
Results - My lipomas shrunk, some even considerably. However, as I reintroduced the normal diet they returned to their original size over time. I wouldn't say they grew back though, it was more like they got packed again with whatever they were filled with (and depleted by the fast) in the beginning. However, 14 days is not an enough time for the body to start to really feed off the tumors, so I plan to do a longer fast in the future and will write the results here as well as in the separate, dedicated topic.
Source - I read a lot of material before fasting and was completely prepared physically and mentally. It is not something to take lightly and unsupervised. Proceed at your own risk.

Drinking Lemon water with honey and apple cider vinegar. That's more for liver cleansing and general health, I don't really expect it to shrink any lipomas, maximum what it may do is slow down the progression of this condition.
Dosage - third of a lemon, 1 tea spoon vinegar, 1 teaspoon honey in the morning.
Results - None so far
Source - Your local store

Doing the intermittent fasting. Again, this is for genera health and not lipoma shrinkage. It may hinder the lipoma growth a bit but I don't expect it to reverse the condition in any way.
Dosage - 36 hour fast once a week (basically I eat 6 days a week)
Results - None so far
Source - Again, do your homework before attempting this. However this does not call for as nearly much caution as the longer (14 days for ex.) ones.

I also had two of my lipomas surgically removed. They were diagnosed as lipomas indeed. I don't know anything more specific than that, all I know is they're regular lipomas, not the malignant ones. The surgery left unsightly scars and in my case, unless a specific lipoma is killing me or inhibiting some movement, surgical removal is not an option.

Various Foods

I learned from various sources on the internet that alcohol and dairy is somehow negatively connected to lipomas. I am avoiding Alcohol 100%. I didn't eat any diary for 1 year but the condition still progressed so I introduced butter and cheese back into my diet since I think it's better for overall health to eat some dairy than none at all.

I will update this post as I take new supplements, or if something else worth noticing happens.

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