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What causes lipomas?

Talk about anything and everything related to lipomas and related healthcare issues here.

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Re: What causes lipomas?

Post by Guest » Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:42 am

I just had a neoplasim of unknown behaivior removed. It was deep in my hip fat and abutted underlying muscle. It grew to 5 cm when it was removed. The ct scan was very spiculated.The mri noticed a second satellite lesion directly deep from the orginal tumor. The satellite lesion measered about 2.6 cm. A needle biopsy was done and the doctor said that the pathologist results were not malignat or benign. Its been 4 days since my excision surgery that followed the needle biopsy. I also have a flat non-itchy rash on my stomach, back, neck, shoulders a and upper thigh that looks alot like hives for the past 15 months. My excision surgery was 4 days ago and my pathology results will be in this monday. I am really worried about the results. Im dont know what to expect. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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Re: What causes lipomas?

Post by Klaus » Tue Dec 08, 2015 12:49 pm

Hello from all what you described it doesn't seams be a LT of any form. I suggest you should look for a specialist
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Re: What causes lipomas?

Post by 2many » Mon Mar 07, 2022 10:48 pm

pierre wrote: Sun Oct 16, 2011 5:56 am I think what causes lipomas is much more obvious than most people recognise.
Our bodies are continually bombarded with toxins from the air, processed foods, fertilizers, pesticides etc etc etc.
If the level of toxic bombardment is too much for the body to cope with, then some of these toxins will have to be stored inside the body.

It's just like the rubbish collection services. Normally they come around once or twice a week and take all our garbage away to the dump. If however the rubbish collection service slows down or stops then the number of rubbish bags starts to build up inside the home. Eventually the number of uncollected rubbish bags becomes so big that an entire room has to be allocated for their storage........ and the room is given a name by the owners, the lipoma room.

It is no secret that the fat tissues inside the body are the first place where excess toxins are stored.

It is interesting to note Dr. Herbst's related findings in people with Dercums Disease (DD)

1.Dercums Disease (DD) patients have an abnormal body system in which their blood vessels are too porous and leak toxins into the body. Blood vessels in normal people only leak small amounts.

2.The DD body system is also less efficient at cleaning up these toxins. The healthy body’s response is to send the toxins to the liver and then remove them from the body.

3.In DD, toxins and blood collect outside the blood vessels, causing inflammation and even fermentation.

4.The body responds by sending microphage cells to the inflamed area to contain the inflammation.

5.The microphage cells combine with the blood and toxins and form lipomas.
From what I've read, I tend to agree with your theory about lipomas basically being your body's way of improperly dealing with storing and managing toxin disposal. We know from having one removed that they have a blood supply. Having a blood supply likely allows them to grow. I've only had a biopsy of a lipoma to make sure it wasn't cancerous. Questions: Maybe we should have more tests done on them to confirm their make-up? Are there toxins to be found inside of a lipoma? What else is in there besides fatty material? If a lipoma has a blood supply then is there a substance, mineral, chemical that can travel to that lipoma to cause it's destruction?
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