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Lipomas and Candida Albican (CA) Overgrowth

What treatments are you having success with? Discuss diet, detoxification, alternative treatments, and anything else! This is also the place for the ongoing discussion of liposuction and other surgical techniques.

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Lipomas and Candida Albican (CA) Overgrowth

Post by CKB » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:14 am

Lipomas and Candida Albican (CA) Overgrowth

I have a strong view that lipomas are caused by a variety of factors, one of which may relate to Candida Albicans (CA) overgrowth in our gut. CA overgrowth not only weakens our immune system but puts significant strain on our already weak immune system due to leaky gut.

Leaky gut allows for toxins, food particles and other foreign substances to leak from our gut into our blood stream, putting pressure on our immune system to fight and fix the problem.

In addition, having a bacterial imbalance in our gut causes digestion issues and also results in further fungal infections across our body.

These factors in my opinion could very well be the reason our bodies form lipomas, our immune system has been weakened and its best defense may be to encapsulate the toxins and foreign substances that have leaked from our bodies instead of destroying or flushing them out another way.
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