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Does the Lipoma issues are losing the terest?

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 4:11 am
by Klaus
If you are follow up the list of local or international forums which had in the past discussion forums about Lipoma-Tumors, you be surprised that the peak is over. Some are just listed as memories in internet, some are withdrawn by the administrator. Even the Lipoma Board's member don't are writing subjects, because most is already said, frustration by the people which suffering with LT couldn't find, what they looked for, and so, they lost the interests.

The medical performance to this problem is nearly as it was before, the attitude of most medical professionals treats their patient with the same knowledge as they have done it years before, because nothing on new medical technics came forward, and after all, we are running in the same circle.

The same situation can be seen in my German speaking forum. Quite, quite. The only difference in action can be seen in India! I run a simple meeting point with Indian people, and, I think it was behind with their status of information. So, what the administrators can do? Keep the forums running and wait until new aspects coming up? It isn't so easy after a lot of years to try to help people and we can't do it. SIR Klaus

Re: Does the Lipoma issues are losing the terest?

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 10:25 am
by matt
Hi Klaus, you are both right and wrong in the sense that I do think people find this forum helpful. I get private feedback steadily. At least we know some supplements that have helped people to slow down the appearance and growth rate of lipomas. We do have some treatments that are proven to be successful like EBOO treatment and some injection therapies. Unfortunately these treatments are not available for the most of us because of the cost. At least not yet.

I do plan the keep the site up and running as long as the ads on the site complement the costs. Additionally, remember that you can always donate a couple of dollars/euros to

Re: Does the Lipoma issues are losing the terest?

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 10:02 pm
by HSonar
Hello both - yes frustration levels are high but there are people who keep trying to find out and try out ... if not a cure at least those impacted know what doesn't typically work .. so let's keep it going.

Helo Matt - just donated to your email ID. Thanks for all your efforts.