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Lipoma On Back of Neck

Discuss about single or few lipomas here. Single lipomas are very common and are different from conditions like Familial Multiple Lipomatosis or Dercum's Desease. Lipomas are commonly capsulated.

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Lipoma On Back of Neck

Post by Cindell » Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:56 pm

Hi all,

I'm new here, & discovered your site as I was researching my own Lipoma issue. I discovered my Lipoma a few months back ago. Was not sure what it was since the location was not common for any bump, mass feeling substance. I noticed I had a egg shaped mass in my hairline area in the back of my head, neck area. My doctor said at first it was a enlarged lymph node. As a few months went by, it seemed it got larger, so i received a second opinion. I was told it was a Lipoma. I was sent to to get a ultrasound by my General surgeon. Reports showed a really large Lipoma mass. Which my Dr. suggested highly, we remove due to the location on my back of head, neck area. He said commonly lipomas do not grow in non-fatty areas. Not a common place for them.

I set up surgery, and just had my Large Lipoma removed. I went thru day surgery at my outpatient hospital. Dr. used ansthesia to put me out. It took 1 hour to remove the Large Lipoma. With a drain inserted for 5 days afterwards. I am now 10 days post removal, and very swollen & sore still. He took a 2 inch slice which was bonded with skin glue (no stiches_ in my hair line region where the Lipoma was removed. Off towards the middle of my neck a drain hole with 4 stitches to hold the drain at time it was in.

It has been a painful week, over all my labs came back with conclussion to be cancer free, Benign tumor in being a Lipoma mass. Which my Dr. said ended up being bigger than he expected. it was deeper & pushing along side my trapezious muscle. He said it was about the size of a hockey puck. It measured 4.5cm long & 3.5 cm wide.

Happy to have it removed, but due to him removing from my muscle area. the pain down my left shoulder has een horrific, Like I said i am now day 10 past removal, i still feel soreness in my upper shoulder, which keeping it moving, its getting back to normal. Swelling still in neck area, but getting better more as I keep moving my neck to the left turning my head. I have stopped taking pain meds at this point, just taking Ibuprofen for swelling & ice packs when needed. Each day gets easier, Just wanted to share my experience for those with the same general neck Lipomas.[quote][/quote]
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Re: Lipoma On Back of Neck

Post by matt » Wed May 15, 2013 12:58 pm

Hi Cindell, thanks for sharing!

Your doctor was right that the neck area isn't the most common place for lipomas but then again, I had one tiny one removed below my jaw line ;) So lipomas can appear almost anywhere, unfortunately.

I feel sorry for you for your pain but I think you did the right decision by removing it because it was so large and in a rather critical place. The pain should subside soon. Happy Easter!

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