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Scar Tissue Bump

Discuss about single or few lipomas here. Single lipomas are very common and are different from conditions like Familial Multiple Lipomatosis or Dercum's Desease. Lipomas are commonly capsulated.

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Scar Tissue Bump

Post by Jax » Fri Dec 06, 2013 4:46 am

I used to have a lipoma on my forhead, but I had 2 surgeries performed on this single lipoma. My doctor told me that I don't have a lipoma any more but instead what I have is a scar tissue bump. He doesn't want to perform surgery because of the risk of making things worse but he did say he could recommend a plastic surgeon. Do you guys know if there is any non surgical way to get rid of scar tissue? I'm pretty sure the whole reason I even got scar tissue was because of the lipoma surgeries I've had on my single lipoma and this makes me nervous to do surgery again.
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