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Each user can write down what they already tried and what they are currently trying. This is like a glossary for others to go to, look at and make their own inferences. For example if someone is curious about certain supplement he/she can come here and see if it has been already tried and what results it brings. Information should be in a clear fashion (see rules inside).

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Forum rules
Please read before posting.

- The name of the topic should be the username of the poster.
- In the topic write your lipoma history (when did it start, how many do you have, what kind of lipomas do you have, any inheritance, etc.)
- Then write all the supplements and other treatments you've ever tried:
----- Specific name of the supplement / treatment you've tried
----- For how long did you try it
----- Which dosage (and how faithfully you've kept at it)
- What was the result of each supplement / treatment
- Which supplement / treatment are you currently trying (and how is it going)
- Optional: You may also include your observations about various foods and practices which are good or bad.

Also, please start only one topic per user.
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Post by gooo » Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:41 pm

Personal Information
23 year old male, physically fit as required by the military. My mother has always had lipomas. I have not drank alcohol for over 3 years. For years I have had approximately 30 lipomas all over my body, mostly where I know I have had prior contact/injury. I played football in highschool and feel like the impacts I had are now locations of lipomas. Every now and then I discover a new one. I don't really like looking for them because I know I will find more.

I have had 5 lipomas removed. None have came back and I do not regret getting the surgery done. The first time I was put to sleep and that was actually enjoyable. I even got off work for a couple of days. The most recent surgery I was awake during the procedure, got to look at my lipomas and had to go to work that afternoon. My insurance provided by the military I believe is the best possible and I pay nothing when I go get them removed. So I will continue to get them cut out of me.

Items of interest
I never think about my lipomas until they start to hurt. Under extreme stress such as when my friend recently passed away they started hurting worse than usual, like they are expanding and pressing against my nerves. If I lose weight the surrounding fat they normally hide in is gone. Making the lipomas appear larger and more prominent.

I am very impressed with this site and I cant wait to find out more about these lovely lumps that I put up with on a daily basis. I would like to be as much of a help as I can and im willing to try things out and report of the effects. I feel like there is some unknown secret to the root cause of lipomas and why they are non cancerous. Maybe they could even lead to the cure of cancer? Far fetched thinking I know but one can only be positive.
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Re: New User

Post by 251152 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:36 am

Thank you very much for sharing!
It's interesting how quite several people mentioned here already that the bumping/hitting results in a lipoma. I can't really attest to that from my experience, but then again, I've never done any sports, except 1 year of Karate when I was 10.
I do workout on bars, such as pushups, dips, muscle ups, etc. and I'm still getting lipomas all over my body. I haven't tried stopping workouts for several years and seeing if they'll slow down... Primarily because I don't believe they will, and even if they will a little, it's not worse the trade for me. Workouts keep me much better looking and in better health.
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