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Removed 3 Lipoma's at home yesterday.

Talk about anything and everything related to lipomas and related healthcare issues here.

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Re: Removed 3 Lipoma's at home yesterday.

Post by Drav » Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:37 pm

251152 wrote:maybe there were under the normal fat all this time and since they're too small you were unable to identify them, and now that the fat layer is thinning, it's easier to feel them?
Yes that's exactly what happened. As the fat was going from my lower abs (the last place!) I found and removed 11 small lipoma's. It was a bit discouraging for a few day's as they seemed to be in chains. Ive also found that milk seems to bloat me so will move onto soya.
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Re: Removed 3 Lipoma's at home yesterday.

Post by darkdark » Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:44 am

Hey Drav, Your situation seems similar to mine. After losing 15-20 lbs of weight, I found many tiny bb sized lipomas in strands running horizontally towards my bellybutton. Over the years, some of these have grown much larger, to the point that i want to cut them out. I imagine there are still smaller ones there , but I proceeded to put on more weight and can't really feel them anymore, ( my fat collects around my waist mostly.)

In a related note, Karen Herbst released a book with her diet recommendations for people with fat disorders. http://tinyurl.com/j26eseg Even thought it is marketed to lymphadema and lipedema sufferers, she has confirmed through facebook that these recommendations hold true for people with general lipoma disorders like multiple familial lipomatosis, (which i suspect we all have).

It's pretty enlightening stuff after reading through a few times. Indeed, inflammation does seem to be a key factor in aggravating these symptoms. Sugars (including too much fruit), starchy foods, wheat and gluten, excess protein, most dairy (with the exception of healthy grass fed butter) ,heavily processed food and any foods that cause one's allergies are no-no's. The emphasis is on many different colored vegetables especially dark leafy greens, rare or no consumption of lean meats, daily servings of beans(they're really healthy for digestion) nuts, and pre/pro biotic foods and supplements to increase the efficiency of the gut. (all organic when possible to avoid toxins from pesticides).

There's a bunch more that i'm missing. It's definitely worth a read. My lipomas have always "talked" to me when I'm stressed or eating poorly. As in, they seem to pinch or burn a little around the periphery. I don't know if anyone else experiences this. I personally think this is happening when they grow.. maybe pulling a bit at the surrounding nerves and tissues. Anyways, I've been following the book's recommendations for several weeks now, and I've noticed they are more "quiet" if you will.. Also, when i cheat and eat sugar or ice cream, they tend to get achy again.

Well, It's too early to tell, there are so many mysteries still with this condition. At least this gives you a target... things to try. Maybe we can slow their progress? Make them easier to cut out. I'm preparing myself mentally for the first surgery. Hope this helps!
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Re: Removed 3 Lipoma's at home yesterday.

Post by mikelipo » Sat Jul 07, 2018 11:19 am


I have checked with some surgeons and one of them is asking 5000 INR per lipoma in India who specializes in removing lipomas without stitches via a small incision as drav and other have been doing , thats like 75 USD per lipoma , which is still expensive for me because of having around 40-50 Lipomas.

One laproscopic surgeon said dont need to do anything , let it be , but if needed will remove for 2000 INR per lipoma which is 30 USD. But this one will be with stitches and dont know the length of the incision.

Well I will like to know how the guys have been doing and has there been any new technique or tools you guys have made to get lipomas out ?

Havent heard anything in this thread from a long time , please respond with your new methods and tools if any and results

Thanks and Regards
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Re: Removed 3 Lipoma's at home yesterday.

Post by 251152 » Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:44 pm

Can anyone provide additional info about removal without stitches?

I've been removing mine for the 3rd year in a row (cutting out around 20-25 every year) but it's with stitches and I have scars all over. Before the old scars fade, I get new ones, and it's a perpetual and ever increasing scarring. I'd love to find the alternative method.. maybe even do it myself (for the ones I can reach)
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Joined: Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:11 pm
Number of lipomas: 31-60
Location: UK - Colchester

Re: Removed 3 Lipoma's at home yesterday.

Post by Drav » Sun Dec 16, 2018 12:53 pm


It's been a while, just an update really. So in total I've removed around 50 of my own some on my back single handed some single handed on my own arm with a clamp.

I haven't had a single one come back and I think my last surgery was a few years ago and I have no noticeable scarring using liquiband tissue glue.

Also in that time and I'm not saying that this has anything to do with my lipomas but not having any return makes me wonder!

So as a boy I could never be around anyone who smokes, I'd be Ill for days. I remember clearly in 1978 i was 8, I went to watch Greece at the Cinema and it was full of smoke I was diagnosed with asthma pretty much that night and spent a few days in an oxygen tent.

Anyway let's roll forward to current times I've been messing with my diet for a few years and while doing this I discovered I had quite bad bloating allergy to potatoes, I also read link below that a side effect of a potatoe allergy was tobacco smoke.

https://www.foodsmatter.com/allergy_int ... 08_11.html

So for a year I've stayed away from potatoes feel so much healthier not sluggish not had any signs of asthma or any new lipomas, I also read that they use alot of potatoes in dog food!

Clearly this is all anecdotal, just my experience.
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