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197784 / New lipomas due to lipoma removal surgery

Each user can write down what they already tried and what they are currently trying. This is like a glossary for others to go to, look at and make their own inferences. For example if someone is curious about certain supplement he/she can come here and see if it has been already tried and what results it brings. Information should be in a clear fashion (see rules inside).

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Forum rules
Please read before posting.

- The name of the topic should be the username of the poster.
- In the topic write your lipoma history (when did it start, how many do you have, what kind of lipomas do you have, any inheritance, etc.)
- Then write all the supplements and other treatments you've ever tried:
----- Specific name of the supplement / treatment you've tried
----- For how long did you try it
----- Which dosage (and how faithfully you've kept at it)
- What was the result of each supplement / treatment
- Which supplement / treatment are you currently trying (and how is it going)
- Optional: You may also include your observations about various foods and practices which are good or bad.

Also, please start only one topic per user.
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197784 / New lipomas due to lipoma removal surgery

Post by 197784 » Tue May 09, 2017 5:40 pm

I discovered my first lipomas in 2006 on upper arms. Didn't do anything about and my doctor also didn't care. About 5 years later I had one removed from my lower back and nothing came back in that spot. Over the years I continued having slow growth of lipomas in my upper arms, a few new ones and at least one on my back. However, I didn't do anything about until 2017, when something bad happened.

I had a lipoma removal surgery in January on my left upper arm inside between bizeps/trizeps, because it was not only growing to grape size, but also looked blue and was slightly painful. I thought having it removed would make a lot of sense. Then it happened: about 1 week after the surgery, I discovered at least 5 small new lipomas on my left arm, also the first one ever on my forearm, which hurt me the most mentally, because it feels like the threat of lipomas spreading all over the body has now arrived. Also two on top of my bizeps, which would be a horrible spot to have surgery on. :| I don't even want to imagine how bad this looks when they get bigger.

The thing is, I couldn't completely straighten my arm for about 5 weeks, due to swelling/haematoma from the surgery. I keep thinking that this surgery/injury triggered the new lipomas, because in the few years before the surgery not a whole lot happened. This was a bad experience and it raises the question whether future surgeries are still an option for me.

Since then I am worried that this was the beginning of a bad period and I'm reading here. I'm still considering my options for treatment. So far I am trying to take the 4 Schüssler salts 2x2 a day since March, because this was the cheapest option. If things continue to get worse, I will try other things.

Diet wise I'm just trying to reduce carcinogenic stuff like alcohol, sweeteners, dairy.
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Re: 197784 / New lipomas due to lipoma removal surgery

Post by heartfelt » Thu May 25, 2017 2:02 am

I am so sorry to heart that.

I have also one lipoma in my Triceps. i wonder if i`d get it out any time soon.

Just go on in healthy diet "Lipoma-wise".

Hopefully you may reduce/stop these lipomas

i got over 60 of them.

just take it easy and eat well.

Cheers. :)
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Re: 197784 / New lipomas due to lipoma removal surgery

Post by 251152 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:40 am

I've head about 70 of them cut out of me by now. Surgeon uses squeeze technique and puts on stitches. Most of my lipomas are about 5-7 centimeters. Haven't had an experience like yours yet... maybe it was a coincidence?
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